Cubase 9.0.30 Not remembering ASIO Driver..

I have been meaning to ask if anyone has a solution to this problem.

Every time I start Cubase 9.0.30 I get “Do you want to select Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO as ASIO Driver?”.

I have trashed all the preferences and let Cubase rebuild but it still gives this error every Cubase start up. I have 2 systems both using the UR824 and they both do it. It seemed like it started on Cubase 9.0.20 possibly after I updated Yamaha USB driver or a windows update…not sure.

Anyone else having this or no of a solution?

Hi there

Yes i believe this has been raised and it’s apparently a hardware driver problem, not sure if it’specific to the UR824 but, i think someone said going to an
older driver would cure it, not sure though, i just live with it.

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I am having same issues only since getting UR824 had ur44 and this was not a problem

I did update the driver about a month ago…so that probably is the problem…

Yep I had that, rubbish driver, it asked me about my UR824, everytime I opened Cubase, really bad performance as well. Still on old v1.98 driver.

Just adding my “MeToo” here. I wouldn’t call thee driver “rubbish” though, as it miraculously removed a lot of noise I was getting when there was network activity, but this annoying problem of asking came back. I bet there would be a registry / ini edit / workaround for this if Steinberg did some research on how to fix it. The checkbox “please don’t ask again” is especially annoying since it doesn’t seem to make any difference whatsoever.

:bulb: Or maybe, why not make a release version of that driver, then we won’t need to display that question at all?

Installing the latest version of the Tools for URxxx will fix the checkbox issue.


what’s your driver version?

I checked the tools installer you suggested - that’s version v2.1.6 (although the tools version is newer than what I have, 2.1.5) according to the release notes it is shipped with the older driver V1.9 .11 - that’s the one that is giving trouble with the network cards. The question is, can we install the newer tools 2.1.6 with the latest driver ?

I am still pretty convinced it is the newer driver causing the question, and since the tools are shipped with the old driver it may not address the question problem. IN any case having dropouts and distortions is the bigger problem especially when recording or playing back for clients.

ANyway I will try to install the new Tools package without downgrading my driver and report back…

I did the update and thankfully it only eenabled the tools part (other parts / mixere / driver were disabled, which was fine by me because they were latest version / newer). So it only reeinstalled the “Applications / Tool” part, without replacing the driver / restarting windows. I am happy to report back that the question is indeed gone!

So thanks for that Steinberg. I guess it is included in the “minor fixes” that the release notes rather inaccurately reports. :wink:

Thank you for the post about installing the UR824 tools above. I’ve just installed and Cubase is now remembering the ASIO driver. Thank you! :smiley: This was driving me nuts.