Cubase 9.0.30 Update Feedback

Same here, I can’t import a .mov file
system win10

The 9.0.30 update installed perfectly with no problems.

Just tried EXACT same video (and project) but OPENING IN CUBASE 8.5.x (old vid engine) - works perfect. In 9.0.30 I only get video and NO wav file. :frowning:

Did you see the checkbox at the bottom of the import dialog?

Just finished a heavy recording session here and luckily everything went fine.
I updated to 9.0.30 this afternoon, before the session (which I seldom do).
No Probs when loading old Projects or anything else.

Thanks for the update guys.

It’s fine – some of the under-th-hood fixes are nice (though few of my own concerns/bugs were addressed yet), and it’s just as solid and reliable as before. Mac graphics performance is still bad here, so I’m still on Pro Tools for all new projects. I guess we’ll see when 9.5 comes out, which is a proper update. I might be too far back into Pro Tools land and am auditioning some other options out there as well, so we’ll see if I’m even on the Steinberg bus then. Will keep checking here while I am, though.

Ah-ha-ha, you reminded me a story when I was a kid. I was making video montage in Nuendo for 3 hours. And when I finished I wanted to make an export but my friend told me that it is not possible :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Steinberg didn’t fixed Virtual Keyboard :imp: Does only me has this issue that Alt+K doesn’t work, and you can activate virtual keyboard only by manually attach it to the floating transport bar? Can anybody else confirm that?

Yep - ticked for sure. Can import vid but wav file is empty. :frowning:

Hm. I do not know. I’m on win 10.

Conceivably the audio might be in a format Cubase doesn’t understand, do you have something like MediaInfo to check the file?

Good timing…I just finished a big project. Time to roll the dice on the update!

Update installed no problem except for the video.
When I try to import a video I get a message “Quick Time cannot be initialized. If you want to playback video, please make sure it is installed on your system.”

I thought the new video engine did not use Quick Time.
Do I really have to install it? Its not installed at the moment.

I uninstalled cubase 9.0.30 and reinstalled cubase 9.0.00

Checked it was running and tried to open a video. Same message about installing Quicktime.

Installed cubase 9.0.30 Updater and rechecked. Now the video works as expected.

As a side note I only tested MP4, the video and audio imported perfectly. Also the Extract Audio From Video function worked.
On other forums people have experienced mixed results with the audio from video.
It might be worth reinstalling CB9 again. :smiley:

Same for me.

And a better comparison using a VST to play back same video, same size playback window in Cubase too - gives 9% cpu in taskmanager.
Blank project apart from a video track playing - video window about 20x13 cm - and 1920x1080 25 fps video.

so some optimizing to come for Cubase video engine maybe…36% cpu compared to 9%…

@Rob - not that it helps you any, but just to note that I ran the update this morning and all went without fuss; loaded an old project, all ok… added a video track and dug out that old Steinberg provided ‘pop promo’ video “Live Forever” (supplied with C7.5 or 8…?) to import. Checked the box at bottom to extract audio, and it all worked absolutely fine.

This is video in a *.mov container using H.264 codec with a (normal.?) WAV audio stream (no other info I can discern for now).

Interesting, that I don’t see any device listed at all in the Devices setup -> Video Player dialog box… Must also check for any performance hits later.

Update installed smoothly.

Import video works fine… however, like other users there is no corresponding audio imported…

This is a serious issue. Please steinberg fix this asap. This works absolutely fine in Cubase 8.5. Its a normal MP4 video file.

It has been a while since I’ve used the Virtual Keyboard but today I’ve noticed some issues as well.

The Alt K keyboard command doesn’t work anymore.

Has it always been that this does not work unless a track’s input is set to All MIDI Inputs? That is a terrible thing for me because I use lots of MIDI ports for lots of reasons (even on machines that do not have a controller plugged in, several virtual or rtp ports can be in use). I’m aware of 20 click work around methods to temporarily disable ports in the device MIDI port manager and such, but it’d sure be nice if the Virtual Keyboard either works regardless of the MIDI input port of a track when it is called up and tracks are armed, or is listed as a MIDI device/port of its own that can be selected in an isolated manner.

I’m getting stuck right after the MixConsole loading when opening a project quite often. Don’t know why. I end up seeing a blank (white) window where the project window is supposed to be and a blank video player window and can’t click anything. I only see an endless loading mouse cursor. I’m on Win 10.

EDIT: It seems to be connected with a video, because when I move the video used in the project away from the location Cubase knows, and I decline searching for it, the project loads well.

EDIT2: I created a blank project, imported the same video to it after deleting its video cache, thus creating a new one, then I closed the new project and rewrote the old video cache with the one newly created and the project has loaded correctly. Interesting… P.S.: The video is coded with h264 in an mp4 container.

IIRC the release note said audio extraction is not yet implemented for Win 7…

I agree it’s a bit of a mess that needs to be fixed ASAP, but this is one case where Steinberg is in a bit of mess no matter what they do. Apple backed all Windows Developers who invested in Quicktime into a corner by dropping Quicktime support (no more security patches) for Windows.

Who knows how long it will take to get things optimized and working well again? With that in mind, Muxing and Demuxing (packing/unpacking various types of streams into a video container without transcoding) with third party software is pretty easy to do using a free utility like Xmedia Recode. We all have multi-tasking machines these days with drag and drop support into CuBase, so it shouldn’t be a major workflow killer for the short term. Personally I just use FFmpeg on a command line, but the graphical shells like Xmedia do exist.

It also might be worth it to check out something like VidPlayVST @ $15 for the shorter term. I’m not sure yet if using such a plugin would be more resource efficient than the built in CuBase video player, but it costs nothing to give it a try and compare.

Made in Germany and Made in Japan means excellent quality products when it comes to cars and electronics. But not when it comes to software like Cubase, sorry Steinberg you need to up your game.

If my car performed or crashed like Cubase my insurance rates would be sky high or nobody would buy this car ever again due to bad performance and quality.

Cubase 7.5 is still the Gold standard.

So does that mean for a .mov or mp4 with H.264 we CURRENTLY should NOT expect any audio? If so, how could they release it this way??? Did someone have a gun to their head to release this new vid engine early? :frowning:

It’s a real bummer with no warning. They did warn us that REPLACE audio in video stream wouldn’t work at first - not that import audio from video wouldn’t. Lousy move.