Cubase 9.0 to 11

So, looking to upgrade to Cubase 11, but currently have lots of open projects in Cubase v. 9.02 - the question, are all these audio files (all Vst’s are 64 bit) upwards compatible??

You can leave Cubase 9 installed parallel to Cubase 11 for as long as you want, so you can take your time to test whether all projects are fully compatible. But in my experience there shouldn’t be any problems.

Thank you! That’s very helpful, and a relief!..just a thought, is there any trick to not uninstalling Cubase 9 when 11 is installed??

No. Just install 11. You will see both Cubase 9 and Cubase 11 folders under the Steinberg folder when you’re done.

Thanks so much, I really need to protect these files. I appreciate your info!

It’s real- I just did this.
My C9 projects open fine on C11. And C9 still works just fine.

I am actually finishing my C9 projects in 9, just cuz new GUI :slight_smile:

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Apologies for the worlds most basic question but… how do I upgrade from 9 Pro to 11 Pro? I searched the site for ages over and over and still cant find the upgrade option :sweat_smile:

Anyone know how much it costs in UK coins? Thanks for any advice

Cubase: Your guide to music production | Steinberg

“Buy Cubase 11” should give you the option you need for your required up"date".

Sorry, USD here …

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That’s brilliant, thanks. For some reason I had a ‘mental block’ thinking that was the button for the full package instead of the update. Yep it gave me the UK price from 9 to 11 which was around £135 for anyone else interested. Personally I just bought Cubasis and the plugins and need to spend out on an Audio-MIDI multi-tracking interface for Android to use it on location with so I’m going to hold out for a Steinberg promo offer for my main DAW update (weird prioritising!) as that would then make it just about affordable.

Hopefully Steinberg can provide an end date for the Cubase 12 deal with an 11 purchase.

Weird that it’s the same price to update from Cubase 4 as it is from Cubase 9… but good news for the 4 guys I guess… for them the best update ever :smiley:

Thanks again