Cubase 9.01 Signature Track Bug

  1. Add Signature Track
  2. Create at least 1 “New Version” from the pull down menu on that track.
  3. Save and Close

Now open that saved Cubase file.


The version opened on the signature track will have a “v1” name with no I.D. assigned to it. This is definitely a bug. The tempo track does not have this issue.

The right sub-forum for this is over here:

Actually, it’s quite good for someone to post bug reports in General- gives a chance to try the repro that was posted. and confirm it before posting in Bug Reports. (I don’t have time now, but I will try to tomorrow.)

Just posted it in the Bug Forum.

I tested this and I get the same behaviour.

But, after selecting another version the new v1 becomes ID3 in the menu. However, I can’t change versions at all it just stays on the new v1. I’ve got another project with Signature track versions and I can’t change these either. There’s something screwy going on for sure.

Ho, great, it gets worse… I then saved that project File->SaveNewVersion, closed and re-opened the project. I got an Invalid Project File error dialog and the project won’t load… I tried this a few times and it is repeatable.


Interesting about the INVALID PROJECT…as I have had this happen 3 times in about a week where this never ever happened in Cubase 6, 7 8.x, etc…

I notice when I open a project and it puts the newly added v1 version in the signature track every time, so the first thing I do is then delete the new v1 version and choose the correct version. Definitely a bug that needs to be fixed.

It seems like it has to do with this:


For me it’s not to do with different versions, I’m just using the same CbV9. But, dlpmusic, I notice that your signature says 8.x, but you state v9 in the thread title…


Anyway, this is about a bug in 9.0.1, not 8, and, a different bug.

That linked thread has the exact same opening post though…? And in that thread you do agree that it belongs in Bugs like I said in this thread earlier? Sorry, getting confused here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that known issue is not from 9, but it seems like it could be related.

You’re over thinking it.

Sorry my signature needs to be updated…I am using 9.01.