Cubase 9.01 Signature Track Bug

  1. Add Signature Track
  2. Create at least 1 “New Version” from the pull down menu on that track.
  3. Save and Close

Now open that saved Cubase file.


The version opened on the signature track will have a “v1” name with no I.D. assigned to it. This is definitely a bug. The tempo track does not have this issue.

This is definitely a serious bug that has been confirmed. See quote below from a post in the general forum…

This is a solid repro. It should be in Bugs, not misc.

This bug results in project file corruption.

Just to be sure:

  1. New Project
  2. Add Signature Track
  3. Create a New Version from the pull down menu on that track.
  4. Save and Close

Reopen— now there is an extra version, without an ID number. Save, close and reopen more weirdness. Do it enough Cubase will crash.

Confirmed here.