Cubase 9/10 necessary new features

I would like Steinberg to implement the following features, that in my opinion, are absolutely necessary:

**- 64 stereo/128 mono Audio Buss software, assignable from the input, output and from audio sends of each track, for sending the signal of track toward other tracks, or group tracks, etc… like on Pro Tools.

  • Implement Aux Input Tracks, just called in this way, for any use, where it is possible to assign the above mentioned buss, both in input and in output, in order to create group tracks or for any other purpose.
  • Playlists’ tracks management identical to the one of Pro Tools with the +1 color function for each take is recorded for midi, instrument and audio tracks.**

Who is agree with me?
what do you think about these features to implement?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Cubases “group track” the same as your “aux input track?” For example I send all my vocals to a “vocal group track” which according to your picture is the exact same routing as shown. Unless I’m missing something?

I’m not familiar with Protools playlist management, but are you familiar with and using Track versions? What is missing in track versions that you can do in Protools?

Yes, but in Cubase you have different type of tracks, such as group tracks and FX tracks. I would like an only type of track for any use, like creating group tracks, creating FX sends and any other purpose.

Are you familiar with buss audio software?

Instead regarding playlists management of Pro Tools, you can certainly create, duplicate, delete every take like on Cubase, but if you want to display the all-together view of the recorded playlists, you just have to change the view by choosing it from a selector, without no creating the list of takes with the command “Create lanes from Track versions”, also because whether you need recording additional takes, you should re-make the list everytime you record a new take, at least I seem that it is still like this, on Cubase Pro 8 (I have Cubase 6.5 now).

If I find a video on Youtube, I’ll post it. :slight_smile:

Take a look here for playlists:

Sorry, isn´t it the same than "Track Versions?

Yes, it is more or less the same thing, but on Pro Tools it’s easier to manage for me, because through a selector, you can choose which view of takes to display. For example, you can choose to display each single take or choosing the overall view of all takes recorded ad with the +1 color function.

Instead on Cubase, you have to create the list of takes, through the function “Create lanes from Track Versions”, but if you want to record additional takes later on, still using Track Versions, you have to create this list once again, which is not comfortable at all, for me. Take a look at the video I posted.

+1 in protools you have color and you can oslo rate every lane on the fly , 5/5 for this part with good groove , 1/5 for this part with wrong notes .

And then you can chose the option for this track : show lane minimum 3/5 . and you don’t see bad part or only the best part if you do show only 5/5

hurry up steinberg again … easy feature make prootols better workflow for recording music in studio