Cubase 9.5.0 /10/20 Windows 10 Right Hand MediaBay Pane unable to preview Folder Contents

So…I have just finished a Teamviewer session with Oscar at Steinberg…it’s been a long wait, finally, the new ticketing system in the MySteinberg area is working like a dream. I replied to his answer this morning and within an hour or so after I left the computer for breakfast…he replied and we set up the Team viewer session right then and there…so efficient! Really impressed with the new system. Well done Steinberg…and Oscar.

Oscar basically floated the courser over the top of the bottom pane section where the waveform normally shows up and it allowed him to scroll up a third section where the folder contents show up… :open_mouth: …once you click on any file in that section then the lower section shows the waveform and you can press play to preview.

So…just o run through the procedure…if you

Open the Right Side Pane in the Project Window
Click on File Browser
Navigate to a Folder you have Audio in and want to preview
If you only have two sections…the Waveform Display at the bottom…and the File Browser Tree at the top.
You need to then hover your mouse over the top line of the Waveform viewer, just under the thick scroll bar (that moves sideways) and when the double Arrow appears…drag it up to reveal the third window that shows the contents of the Folder that you clicked on in the File Browser above.
Click on the folder you have audio in…in the top section
Now…click on any audio file in that middle window below the top File Browser window and it will show in the lower Wave window as usual and you can press loop and play as usual.
Please see thia Attachment .jpg

Oscar said it was a Window setting…I’m not sure what that means…all I’m cared about is that fact that he helped me on a Saturday morning via Steinberg Team Viewer feature that he suggested through one of my Help requests in the MySteinberg section on the Steinberg website. It works!
The work around for saving Folders as a Favourite before being able to view the contents is still relevant but not necessary if you just want to quickly browse files and preview them. Hey ho…here we go! :smiley: