Cubase 9: 5.1 Surround panners gone in grouped tracks

Hi there,

I am having a little problem here: I am setting up a quite simple project with music that I want to mix for a 4-speaker system. Here is what I did:

  • created the quadro output channels under VST-Connections
  • grouped all my instruments to one channel, called “score”
  • set the “score” channel to the new quadro output

I can now only see a surround panner in the “score” channel, but not in my other instrument channels. How can I mix every separate instrument in surround now?

Thanks in advance!

Okay, I solved the problem!

The solution was so simple… you just create a new group channel and make sure it’s set as 5.1 or “Quadro” or whatever multichannel setup you need. After that, re-route all your instruments to that channel and voila!