Cubase 9.5.10/20 crashes when instrument tracks are removed

This is hugely annoying: Almost every time I remove an instrument track from a project, Cubase crashes and shuts down! This started to happen recently. I haven’t been able to do very much research on which VST plugins it happens to or don’t because I don’t have time to make it crash and re-open over and over again, but it doesn’t seem to matter which VST instrument I remove, it has happened to every instrument I have removed so far. It has not happened to audio tracks and I haven’t tried to remove FX channel or group channel tracks or other tracks. But I think I read something about it in an update from FabFilter on their plugins that should fix them from crashing the host when they are closed, I don’t know if that is related.

1: Create a project
2: Add an instrument track
3: Remove the instrument track
4: Crash…

Cubase have not been updated since 9.5.10 was released but my Mac have probably gone through some auto updates. I have a MacBook Pro Retina, Mid 2012, running Mac OS Sierra ver. 10.12.6.
EDIT: Just updated to 9.5.20 and the same thing still happens.
EDIT 2: It only happens to instrument track as far as i know, I have removed a couple of group channes and FX tracks and it didn’t crash, then I removed an instrument (i believe it was Kontakt or Retrologue this time) and BOOM, total crash.

Not seeing that on my machine, and haven’t seen other reports of this.

Have you done basic troubleshooting steps?

Thank you, I’ll try that tomorrow and let you know if that solves the problem or not. Meanwhile I found a temporary solution: When I remove the instrument track(s) and immediately hits cmd+s it reaches to save before the crash. Or I could of course just keep and hide them but it annoys me just owing they’re there:P

Have this problem often.

This has JUST started happening to me. I attempt to remove a track and Cubase instantly shuts down…what the hell??? this is so frustrating.