Cubase 9.5.10 and Kontakt 5.6.6 Super Slow Project Loading Time

Hi all,

Is anyone else experience super slow project opening and closing time when there are more than five instances of Kontakt 5.6.6 loaded in the project?

Mac Pro 12 Core
128 GB RAM
OS: Sierra 10.12.6
System and Project drives are on SSDs
Sample Drive is 3TB WD Black

and closing time too.
Start when I upgraded to sierra.

Latest version of Kontakt is 5.7.3 - have you tried updating and then seeing if load time improves?

I noticed much-increased saving times in my larger project in comparison to v 9.0x. PC

Hi !

Yes I have noticed really strong slows on opening, closing projects, as well as loading libraries into Kontakt.
All my system is up-to-date : Last version of Cubase (9.5.2), last version of Kontakt (5.7.3) windows 7 all up-to-date.
I remember that I didn’t have those slows on the version 9 of Cubase.
So what happened, Steinberg ?
It is really annoying when you use a lot of instance of Kontakt, all filled up to full 16 midi instruments routed to 4 stereo outputs or sometimes 16 mono output. The DAW starts to slow down right at the first kontakt player loaded into my racks.
After 5 instances of kontakt it could takes almost 45s for each settings change of the player.
And it is also really annoying because working with the software is my main pay-day job… so I have to be fast to stay competitive…

If you have answers and solutions I would be pleased…

I too have been experiencing longer loading times – and extremely poor performance – with Kontakt since switching to 9.5.10.

It’s really painful. :cry: