Cubase 9.5.10 Crashing

After Ive been working on a project I save and quit the song. But when I go to open another project-via the hub-9 times out of ten cubase crashes-has anyone else got the same problem.? I always get the re-open dialogue box come up but is it better to restart computer? Im using iMac- Sierra OS


Could you share the crash file, please?

This happens to me as well. It doesn’t even crash, I just get the wheel turning like it’s clocking. I go to “Task Manager” and it say Cubase is not responding so I right click in task manager and end the task so Cubase shuts down. I then have to restart Cubase. I’m on Windows 10. This has just started after the 9.5.10 update.

Its happen to me. It getsfrozen. I have to go CTR+Alt+Delete. Ive also get unmapped ports that i cant solve. :confused: