Cubase 9.5.10 has been released

See downloads…
Few fixes…

I saw it on the Facebook page. I already downloaded and installed it. Here is the link:

I started my own thread, and it looks like they merged it with yours. I apologize. If I would have saw yours first, I wouldn’t have started mine.

Didn’t see the fix listed but scales not being coloured correctly according to the chord track looks fixed now.

Lookout for the version history PDF under the download link:

Thank you Steinberg and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Yes that’s what I was referring to. I don’t see the fix listed there.

That’s because you’re reading it wrong. The issues listed have already been fixed…

It’s not listed as fixed, how can you read that wrong ?

Not sure you understand. This was an issue in 9.5. With the new patch just released it is now fixed, yet not listed in the fixes PDF. I’m not complaining just pointing out in case anyone was checking the fixes PDF to see if that one was solved.