Cubase 9.5.10 maintenance update

Following the Cubase 9.5 release, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first Cubase maintenance update, version 9.5.10, for the full Cubase product family.

The update provides fixes and improvements throughout several areas of the application. All details can be found in the version history.

Download Cubase Pro 9.5.10 Update

Download Cubase Artist 9.5.10 Update

Download Cubase Elements 9.5.10 Update

Download Cubase AI 9.5.10 Update

Version History

Hi Matthias, Any chance we’ll be getting DOP 1.5 any time soon? 9.5.10 does not contain it.

The send colors are still reversed. i thought this update would address it or is this a permanent change?
previous versions blue= post / green= pre, currently it’s the opposite.

Many good fixes in this one!!
Unfortunately, the one that holding me back from using 9.5 are still there. :frowning:
Can’t please everyone but this is really serious bug

Good to have the first update. Mixer history bug has not been fixed, yet? see:

Good start. Much appreciated. Hope you guys will, as quickly as possible, resolve the other issues. So far, despite the problems, I like Cubase 9.5 a lot. If you quickly resolve all the other annoying bugs and issues I will like it a lot better. Anyway thanks for this first fix.

Hmm I don’t see anything about console 1 integration… When is this expected? (It was mentioned in the 9.5 release notes)

The change log says that the colors are fixed, so it makes me feel insane, but I’m still seeing the incorrect colors.

This is disappointing. It was the main reason I payed to upgrade to c9, and now I upgrade to C9.5 and it’s broken. Very frustrating.

It’s now up to Softube. Steinberg has done everything at their end.
Softube said we should expect it in 2018, contact them directly they have good responsive support.

Can you not change them to your preference in “Preferences/User Interface/Mix Console Rack Colors”?


im actually a beta tester for softube, there is nothing they need to do… their side has been ready for years (why studio one, reaper, sonar etc have full integration) softubes side is ready, its steinberg that need to do their bit as far as I know (told by softube directly that its steinberg that need ti implement, nothing else to be done in console 1)

I tried manually doing it and it’s still reversed/incorrect.
Is it right for other people?

I’m in their beta test team too.
Also here is a screenshot of their official email to Console 1 users:

ah ok thanks… i didn’t get that email, was just going off what i was told by one of their staff in their groups… “its not us, you need to go and pester steinberg” … that was a year or so ago…

Good news anyway… also this update for cubase seems straightforward, no issues installing and stable

I suppose you could but if it’s a bug & gets fixed then it just complicates matters even more.
Plus previous versions aren’t affected & work as expected.
If you’re sharing projects & the other user doesn’t change the prefs to reflect the issue then you’re only asking for problems by not keeping them consistent.

My projects had trouble chasing MCU events. This issue was the first one listed in the version history so I applied the patch and it solved my problem!!! So glad this issue was addressed. I was tearing my hair out.

Thanks Steinberg Team.

Yes, in 9.5 i exchanged the colors, worked fine.
Did not check the new update yet, when fixed i must reverse it again.

Hi Matthias, can you clarify what the release notes mean by long save times for sample-based instruments like Kontakt? Does this mean the save times are longer than they were in 9.5? I’m asking because I won’t be able to work with even longer save times than I already experience in my scoring sessions, so I can’t apply the update if this is the case.

That’s an explanation for why your save times might be long.