Cubase 9.5.20 just started crashing every time a file browser window comes up

I’m on a Mac running 10.10.5. Cubase Pro 9.5.20. This just started happening. Any time I click “empty project” at the beginning the file browser pops up and cubase crashes. It also happens any time the file browser pops up: trying to name a file in export, trying to export an xml, etc.

It’s not happening on 9 or 8.5.

Is there somewhere that I can download 9.5.10 to revert to that and see if that will get me back up and running.

This is an emergency! Thanks!

The only new thing I did was I just installed the Dorico demo. :frowning:

OK-I just started in Cubase safe mode and the crash didn’t happen. I guess I need to figure out how to not lose all my preferences now. :-/

I spoke too fast. Even with using factory preferences, the issue still remains. It was only that it defaulted to not asking for the file location so I thought it was working. As soon as I set it to prompt for a file location, it crashes again :frowning:

I managed to download 9.5.0 and install it. I moved my old preferences over and things work correctly. I found what I think is the 9.5.10 update:

but it does not seem to update from 9.5.0 for some reason even though it installs. When I update all the way to 9.5.20 then the crashing returns. :frowning:


Could you share the crash file (via Dropbox or similar), please (best the one from Cubase 9.5.20, please)? You can find it in the Console macOS utility.

Yes. I’ll go ahead and reinstall 9.5.20 and I’ll post the crash report.

Here it is: (26.9 KB)

Just tried to do another full uninstall-including these steps:

Reinstalled and same crashing. This sucks so bad. :frowning:


At the end, it crashes on Apple side. But Cubase is in the crash thread, so I pass it over to Steinberg anyway.

Btw, officially, Cubase doesn’t support macOS 10.10. See System requirements, please.

I don’t know what you mean about it crashing on Apple side. Cubase used to work and now it crashes-though it is indeed whenever it pulls up the finder window in Cubase. There was no Cubase or OS change that has happened.

Do you know where I can find 9.5.10 for a Mac? I was using that for the last couple months with no issue.


I mean, the crash thread ends up with Apple items. Then it crashes. Could you try to trigger First Aid from the Disk Utility, please?

Unfortunately, I don’t know, where to download an older C9.5.10 update.

I’m not going to take a chance with First Aid until I can do a complete backup of my computer.

This is like to make the computer healthy. It was named Repair Disk Permission before. You cannot break anything by this.

But of course, it’s up to you.


by any chance, do you have any Finder Extension installed? You can check in the System Preferences->Extensions.

Yes. I have Dropbox and Adobe CC. I disabled them and the problem went away! It looks like if i enable either one then the problem returns…

I have also Dropbox, and no crash. So I would say it’s probably more Adobe. But if Cubase crashes even if you disable Adobe and enable Dropbox only…

Yes-if enabling either one then it crashes.

Then it seems to be 3rd party (Dropbox/Adobe) issue.

Well, it could be 3rd party (Cubase) issue as well. :wink: correlation does not equal causation. :smiley:

Was this ever fixed? I am having the exact same issue.