Cubase 9.5.20 maintenance update?

When can the next maintenance upgrade be expected?
Given the large number of issues many people are experiencing with 9.5 - I’m sticking with 9 for now.
I’d love to upgrade, but don’t need the hassle other users are experiencing…
Any timescale for some fixes?

Probably between February and April.

Cubase 9.5 is nowhere as buggy as the issues forum may lead you to believe though (a lot of those issues are either system specific or not even real bugs). Give the trial version a try sometime.

I know it’s easy to say these things, but 9.5.10 is rock steady here. Been in use here today for 15hours. No restarts, no glitches. Just like every day.

They still need to improve the offline processing, but even that is not buggy, just feature poor right now.

I’m on Elements 9.5.10 and I’ve had no crash since the update, which was not the case with 9.5. I just try to avoid the Sampler track for now, will wait a bit. But for the rest, it’s smooth sailing…


It’s feature poor and buggy. Especially when dealing with multiple clips. Try slicing a clip up into several smaller ones, select them all and process with pitch shift. Chaos ensues.

I have reverted to cubase 9, waiting for this to be fixed.

Same. Cant trust 9.5 and used clip processing for tuning vocals and pitch correction etc. Have found it to be very buggy

Well… stop doing that. :smiley:

9.5.10 working well here for all sorts of tasks.