Cubase 9.5.20 maintenance update

Steinberg release a new update of Cubase the same day as Avid release a new update of Eucon…

Apart from the VCA Mute not working, does Cubase mix console state mirror onto Avid control surface yet?

Been quite a while now or is such basic functionality updates to control surfaces not considered maintainence or are Steinberg simply giving Avid surface users a very cold shoulder, maybe a very public divorce as they climb into bed with another brand controller?

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 8.27.11 PM.jpg
Is this because I have symbolic links on my main drive pointing to the content on my external drive and this installer can’t figure it out?

Logic X updates content to the external drive via a symbolic link no problems.

Cubase cannot do this?

My experience isn’t great to be honest.

Steinberg update crashed my MacBook Pro - so I downloaded the update manually instead.

  • Insert slot truncation isn’t fixed in the lower zone
  • Media Bay folder order is half fixed, sub folders are still out of order, as are folders under ‘Favourites’ in the right zone
  • Cubase still hangs on quit most of the time, even with a completely blank project

The FLS limit has been increased in the 9.5.20 and there will be more improvements in the future updates. This is definitely on our list.

I have forwarded it to the team and they will a have look. What are the other issues you have mentioned?

If open a 9.5.10 project in 9.5.20 and the problem still exists please open the lower zone mix console, zoom the channel width to maximum, save the project, close and open Cubase again. When you then open the project it should be fine. If not, we will need more details about your system.

Suddenly… Import instrument/midi tracks from project won’t work in 9.5.20.
All is well with this in the version 9.5.10.

That is on our list, but the fix didn’t make it into the 9.5.20. But it is scheduled for 9.5.30.

That’s good news & will be greatly appreciated. That’s the only issue I have that’s keeping me from upgrading.

Matthias would you please comment on this, because (i) given that it is really a bug and (ii) given that we are forced to wait three or even more months until this is fixed in an upcoming update, I guess there’s no other way for users like me, who use it on a regular basis, to revert to 9.5.10 or even worse, by employing the plain old way, that is utilizing the track archive. So please let us know. Thank you!

Hi Matthias

Thank you for increasing the FLS limit in 9.5.20. It does seem somewhat improved, but I am still running in to problems (even on projects that are not that large!!)

I would very much appreciate you please making this an issue of priority in future fixes and increasing it dramatically further.

Thank you.

Hello @ceemusic - I may be misreading things, but I don’t think Matthias Quellmann is talking about fixing the peak numbers (dark charcoal colour) at the bottom of the meters (which is what you were referring to, in your original post, yes…?). I think Matthias is responding to my post and images of the ‘strikethrough’ look of the numbers on the meters themselves, throughout the app, being fixed in a v9.5.30 update.

Apologies if I’m wrong and you meant both - peak number below and the numbers on the meters.! And, apologies if Matthias meant the same fix will cure both concerns…! :slight_smile:

(It is all my fault for turning it in to two issues.! Sorry.)


I think you may be right! Hopefully they’ll consider fixing the dark unreadable peak fonts issue as well.

Will there be any attempt to fix the VCA bug coming soon?

thank you for fixing the Marian sound card issue :slight_smile:

Direct Offline Process … still with major problems !!!

Oh no - which problems are still there?

Anyone else experiencing this bug when importing tracks from other projects?

The length of the excerpts is back to normal when you pitch for example many excerpts, (again and again) to the natural sound behavior principles.
BUT…you need to close the D.O.Process editor and re-open it again (for any new process), otherwise the length behaves very strangely.
Also, I have noticed that the all procedure is a way too slow…
For example, if you apply the above to 16 excerpts, it makes like 90seconds+ to finish the process !!

Plus one other bug, if you apply for example a reverb to one excerpt (with a tale process)
and after you select a random number of 16 excerpts that you want to apply the pitch process.
The result is what you expect, but the last excerpt brings a huge tale or the rest of the audio clip that is not supposed to be there.

Really weird behavior…

Hi Matthias, I followed your instructions (several times), but this did NOT correct the problem. Please advise.