Cubase 9.5.20 mixconsole - project window sync issue


I’m having a sync problem between the selection of tracks in my mixconsole and my project window.

I always have my main busses in the right zone of the mixconsole so they’re always visable. When selecting one of the tracks in the right zone and afterwards in the project window selecting a random track (that’s not in the right zone of the mixconsole) both tracks are selected (track in the right zone of the mixconsole and the randomly selected track in the project window).
This is a problem when using my presonus faderport. I end up changing the fader position of both tracks…
Anybody know how to resolve this issue?

PS: When I add tracks in the left zone the problem seems to dissapear.

Regards, Thomas

Hey, just wanted to add that I discovered the issue isn’t caused by the zones but by the folder tracks. When selecting a track in the mixconsole that’s in a folder track that’s collapsed, the track stays selected in de mix console.
This is a serious issue as you constantly need to keep checking in the mix console if no others tracks are selected when editing track settings. Screws up the workflow.

Regards, Thomas