Cubase 9.5.21 Crashes Upon Track Deletion

Having a really annoying issue with Cubase Pro every time I delete a track part, Cubase crashes and shuts down.

Anybody else having this issue?

Its driving me nuts…


Try in Safe Start Mode please. Is it reproducible with in like any track type? Or just an Audio/MIDI/Instrument (what VSTi) track?

Is any editor open while deleting?

If it’s reproducible even in the Safe Start Mode, share the crash file via Dropbox or similar, please.


I tried safe mode and its still the same. I was only using midi tracks.

No editors were open…

Here’s the crash file → Box

Where is the MIDI track it routed to?

Is it while delete the track (as the title says) it delete the MIDI part (as it is in the description)?

Is any editor open?

The crash is in the Komplete Kontrol.Synth.vst. Please inform Native Instruments.

Thank you, going to contact them now.