Cubase 9.5.3 crashing when opening a project/certain plugins


My Cubase 9.5.3. crashes when I try to open certain projects and I sometimes get the “serious issue” window and sometimes even crashes when opening certain plugins (brainworx console E is often times the main culprit). I can usually open the problematic projects after I’ve shut down my PC and rebooted (restarting doesn’t do the trick), but after restarting Cubase, they crash again.

I’m using:
Windows 10 version 10.0.17 134 Build 17134
Intel i7 6800K
Asus (I believe) NVidia GTX 1060
32GB RAM (the exact details I forget, I can check if this is important)

I’ve included 5 latest CrashDumps here. I’m not 100% sure if they get created when the program crashes on project startup, but I have a feeling that the issues are related. (1.62 MB)

The plot thickens: After unloading the plugin from a certain duplicated group channel, I managed to uncorrupt the project file. Bear in mind that I can open the corrupted project ONCE after completely rebooting the computer. The problem then seems to be related to 1. Duplicated group channels and 2. brainworx console_E although I haven’t quite fully understood in what manner. Here’s what I’ve found out (it’s quite peculiar to say the least):

  1. Loading brainworx console_E on a new audio track does not corrupt the project.
  2. Duplicating a certain group track that has the said plugin in it corrupts the project.
  3. Duplicating the group track, saving, rebooting (to get the project open), opening the project, removing the said plugin and saving leads to an uncorrupted project file. However:
  4. Duplicating the group track, removing the said plugin and saving leads to a corrupt project file.

Moreover (to confirm my hypothesis):
5. Duplicating an audio track with the plugin doesn’t corrupt the project file
6. Duplicating a group track (the same one that was causing the trouble) without the plugin does not corrupt the project file.


Well seems like making a group track in the project and insterting the plugin in there corrupts the project file. I am really confused now. Please help.

Maybe this helps a mind that’s more familiar with Cubase’s intricacies troubleshoot the problem. I hope I haven’t made things more messy with this.


The crashes are in the “bx_console”. Please make sure, your Brainworx plug-ins are up-to-date. If yes, get in touch with Brainworx, please.


Martin is right and it would be great if you could report to Plugin Alliance.

I’m working on a couple very similar cases - all crashes seem to be UI related, as nvwgf2umx.dll (nVidia) is always called shortly before the crash.
There are no current cases I’m aware of involving AMD or Intel cards. Also, all crashes I’ve seen involve the VST3 version only, so you might want to see if using the VST2 version helps.

Lastly, it looks like an interaction (apparently, using only PA plug-ins won’t crash), so you might want to have a look for any graphic corruption when PA is used in combination with other plug-ins (slow opening, white frames diplaying before rendering the UI, windows stuttering when moved around, etc.) and write down which plug-ins/vendors, if any, before reporting.

I’m also going to contact them as soon as I gathered some more info.

Kind regards,

I’m contacting them soon. I do get a white frame before rendering the UI (in fact, I sometimes seem to get a really short white frame with all plugins, but with console E it’s way longer and consistent). However, I actually get the same white frame even when the console E is the only plugin in the project although if my eyes don’t deceive me, it’s shorter then. No stuttering visible in my end.

I also use an NVidia card (Asus GeForce GTX 1060 with 3GB internal ram).

Thank you for the help so far!

Just to add:
Not sure what Nvidia graphics driver you have installed but I noticed the last few graphics driver updates from Nvidia slowed some things on my PC (like getting a momentary white or black screen when opening programs or starting processes). So I installed back to an older driver… version 398.11. It helped.

Regards :sunglasses:

I take this back. I have a new case, this time there is atidxx64.dll in the list, so it can happen with AMD/ATI, too :frowning:

Thank you for the additional info, lindforsproductions.

I contacted Plugin Alliance and they said it’s a known issue and that their developer team is close to issuing some fixed builds. He mentioned next week.


There are other threads about this issue here on the forum. It seems, the solution is downgrade the graphic card driver.