Cubase 9.5.30 crashes

After installing the update, it won’t start up on os x 10.12.6. It crashes when the splash screen displays:

“Initializing: VST Control Room”

Do you have Sonarworks on an insert in Control Room? I was experiencing the same issue as you and had to delete the sonarworks.vst file to get Cubase to open again. I ended up downgrading back to 9.5.21 because of this issue and others I’ve found in 9.5.30.

I do have Sonarworks but I didn’t have it on the project that won’t load.
I’m done with updating stuff only to run into problems. No more Apple updates, no more Steinberg updates. Nothing.
I just need to download the patch to 9.5.21 but I can’t find it anywhere? Anyone got a link? I just want to carry on working on what I was doing, I don’t have time for this mess.

Thank you bender-offender, indeed I have sonarworks on my control room vst inserts. Still I will have to roll back since I can’t work without it.

Can you please tell me where can I download 9.5.21?


Are you all using Apple Macs? It would be helpful to state this for others, as i run a PC using Sonarworks on inserts in Control Room for both my monitors and my Cue Mix without problems since updating to 9.5.30.

Found the 9.5.21 update:

You don’t need to uninstall / reinstall 9.5.21. If you have a time machine or carbon copy of your system drive, just copy the 9.5.21 Cubase app from there and place it in your real Applications folder (make sure to delete the 9.5.30 app first). Easy-peasy.

No problems so far for me on 10.12.6 but I’m using Elements sono Control Room…


Exact same issue here. Cubase won’t even open without crashing. Have sonarworks on an insert in Control Room as well.
iMac, Sierra.