Cubase 9.5.30 mac Mixdown offline Problem

I need help, When i mixdown my project on offline Cubase crash . I send rapport in attachment :
Mixdown (31.3 KB)

Hi and welcome,

To be able to resolve the crash, share the source *.crash file (macOS Console utility), please. What is the setup of your export? What file type, sample rate, bit depth, name…?

I also have this problem. It even happens in an empty project.
Then when I uncheck “Update display” the export doesn’t crash anymore.
Use it as a workaround but this is a bug and it is around the display updating.


Please share the *.crash file.

This is a crash with an empty project
Mixdown (28.5 KB)


Reported to Steinberg (CAN-16968).

This is a new crash
Mixdown (31.3 KB)


It’s exactly the same crash at the exactly same point in Cubase.

Hi there,

I’m having the same issue on mac. :frowning: This is whilst trying to do a batch export to 24 bit wav files across a whole album of project files (12 different files). Im trying to batch export group files. I’m no expert at reading these crash logs but i can see that it is thread 63 VstExportThread that is crashing with…

Logical CPU: 2
Error Code: 0x00000004
Trap Number: 14

Turning update display on or off doesn’t make a difference.

Is anyone able to have a look at this crash log for me and point out any specific plugins or things I can try disabling perhaps?

Thanks :smiley:


Macos Sierra 10.12.6 - iMac 27’ 2012 3.4GHz i7. 8gb
Cubase 9.5.30
MOTU 8pre
Cubase (28.4 KB)