Cubase 9.5.30 permanently stuck on opening

I’m hoping someone on here can help me with this infuriating situation with Cubase. Since updating to 9.5.30 and installing Komplete 11 Select, the program opens with the Cubase Pro logo and gets stuck during its initialization phase.

The moment it hits this section, it throws up a popup for windows installer that initially states ‘Yamaha Steinberg USB driver’ before being stuck on the ‘preparing to install’ part of the windows installer it brings up. Pressing cancel only states this action is cancelling and gets stuck permanently. The only way I can stop the program is through Task Manager.

I’ve absolutely no idea what to do with this and I hope someone knows how to help me with this. My equipment and software is listed in my signature.

Thank you,



Install YAMAHA/Steinberg USB driver (of your UR22) manually before you start Cubase.

You may need to uninstall it first but the above reinstall should fix it.

This usually occurs on major Windows 10 updates, not so much something like a Komplete Select install. You may find Windows 10 did an auto update on you coincidental to your install.

Sounds like the “Prepare to install” issue I recently experienced on Cubase start-up. Re-installing the Steinberg USB driver (UR-824) solved it for me. Also helps to start the eLicenser once after updating Cubase.

Yet again, I bring my problems to here and they get solved really quick :smiley:

Thank you both for your help, all is working well now.