Cubase 9.5.35 Maintenance Update

Steinberg posted about this update today on FB:

But, when I go to the download page, it only shows 9.5.30. They posted it over 5 hours ago. It should be up by now. Anyone else seeing the same thing?

It’s for Wavelab, not for Cubase.

OMG, can’t believe I didn’t notice that. I’ve been so desperate for an update to fix a few bugs. Oh well. Thanks!

When is a new update going to come?

Steinberg does not usually pre-announce updates. We find out about it when it is available. Recently they have fallen into a bit of a pattern on x.0 & x.5 releases but I wouldn’t bet large sums on when 10.0 will be out. As far as minor releases to fix bugs - those can happen anytime.

We might get one more update before 10.0 and usual pattern is the final version not to long after the new 10. If something, they have been lazier over the years. I dont know if the are on low ebb, or have become fat cats.