CUBASE 9.5.4 - MSI GP73 8RE - WIN10

Hi everybody,

A friend advised me to take the MSI GP73 LEOPARD 8RE, so laptop, since according to my requirements, I wanted to have a computer that I can walk but while keeping adequate power to be able to make music.
My fixed PC being a 4th Generation i7 it told me that I will have about 30% extra performance.

I’ve always been skeptical about the performance of laptops (PC) with music software (real-time processing) and my observation is unfortunately the same, I hope you get me changed …

Basically, under Cubase, I have about -40% (or 50) (approximately) less performance while I was supposed to have more …

Do you have any clues please?
I am able to do all the tests that you propose to me.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

Myself, I wouldn’t recommend MSI. Intel processors are the only one save choice in my experience.

I think you’re facing the age old dilemma - faster clock speed or more cores. A quick google of your laptop says it has a clock speed of 2.2Ghz and six cores. I would say that 2.2 Ghz is a reasonably modest clock speed, not unusual for a laptop, but not cutting edge. It’s also got a six core Intel processor, which is (I understand) good for bigger loads than an equivalent four core processor, but not necessarily that good at low latencies/small buffer sizes.

The comparison with your desktop may relate to your desktop’s higher clock speed and also your interface. I would suggest you play around with different buffer sizes with your laptop - more latency may significantly increase your laptop’s ability to handle tracks and plugins.