Cubase 9.5.4 vs StudioOne 4 (ASIO)


Can someone please explain the situation from the picture.

I inserted 10 Soundtoys Decapitators on 10 mono tracks on both DAW, and i have done probably all the possible things for PC optimization.

PC is i7 7820x, 16gb RAM, Radeon 6850, SSD 256GB.


I admit I know very little about this, but my guess is that not all vst’s interact with each DAW in exactly the same way. What is the CPU usage for each DAW with a blank project? Then add one vst at a time to each.

Or not worry about it, and just create!

Great idea, but already tried that, and Cubase allways uses twice as much CPU power even with blank project.

So you run both at the same time - on different outputs?
Which ones will win competition of the cores?
Cubase ASIO Guard - on/off - it helps handle peak load quite a bit?

But I see nothing worrysome about 11% - 10 tracks and plugins.
I usually get up to 8-12% with 30 tracks, with a couple of vst instruments as well, and running video about 16% in peaks.

In Cubase I see about 6% just having it running - no tracks. So floor is rather high, if to compare to Reaper which is below 1% same condition.
This doesn’t mean I can run 6 times the project in Reaper at same cpu.

So see how each handle to double the load - to 20 - and compare to 10 - and see if different in having headroom.
And one at a time up and running.

The CPU never goes above 50% with Cubase and StudioOne as wella and that is ok.

The real problem is cubase real-time peak as you can see on left side of the picture.

On playback Cubase is doing fine, but soon as i press monitor button on any track, everything turns to noise and crakles. This happens on projects which i can run on other DAWs without a problem.

Asio Guard is on low settings, and RME is set to 32 samples.

This cannot be normal, because i had much better performance with Cubase 5 and others DAWs.

I made another thread today on this - something is definately wrong.
I turned off multiprocessor and all went loose and steady.

I think you are right - something went downhill lately.

I will try that…

32 sample buffer is highly unrealistic, set it to something more sensible.
You might want to set asio guard to high, it is not active for tracks that are record enabled/monitored.

I always use 32 samples on SO4 and PT12, so i expected to keep doing it on C9.5, and i think that C9.5 can handle, or it should.

I think i have some hardware issue, maybe bad RAM or something.

This can’t be normal Cubase state.


I would say this depends more on the Audio Device Driver. With RME, I can imagine 32 samples with no problem. With other vendors, I could hardly imagine it.

32 sample buffer can work for a low track count, if absolutely necessary @ 44.1 or 48k sample rate.
But you reduce the cpu performance dramatically.