Cubase 9.5.40 pro Crash on Quit -- MacOs


I read the topic on crash on exit due to hub issues, but I can not solve the problem by removing the hub-bundle.
The moment I quit Cubase, the program crashes and I get a crash report. This happens everytime I quit the program, from within an open project or with all projects closed before quitting.
I never had a crash while working with cubase, it seems stable.

Any (new) ideas?



TWO things I do for EVERY Cubase update here:

  1. Update your e licenser software to the current one. If it needs the newer version I always open the installer and UNINSTALL the old one then INSTALL the newest from the installer

  2. I ALWAYS trash my Cubase prefs so they are rebuilt with the new version. Its a pain but I dont have all the weird issues guys seem to have when I update either

Thanks, Shanabit.

I removed all preferences, did not resolve the problem. Will try re-installing the e-licenser software.

Meanwhile I found out that the problem only occurs when the SKI-Remote plug-in is active. It has version number The iPad-app is version

Same here. Cubase crashes on quit when Steinberg SKI Remote Version is installed.