Cubase 9.5.40 update available

I have the exact same problem but I am on OSX. As soon as I hit Record (on an Audio track), Cubase crashes. Tried it in an empty project and it’s fine. So, I’m not sure what’s wrong. Perhaps the CPR file is corrupt. Perhaps 9.5.40 is buggy. I’m going to try rolling back to .30 and see if that works.

Same problem here too. Found any solution.

I’m actually relieved it’s not just me. I lost a whole day of recording time to this yesterday.

Where we can report this… it is a big bug , we are unable to work with this update

I’ve just upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra. Updated all audio and midi drivers (and GFX drivers) and now record isn’t crashing Cubase. Time will tell.

After upgrade to 9.5.40, MediaBay, Loop Browser and Media Browser seems “broken”. Loops(audio) doesn’t synct to project tempo and after selecting a new loop the old one is still playing together with the new selected. Sometimes no sound when selecting a new loop. Just me or anyone else?

Win 10 pro, Cubase Pro.

Amazing update. Kudos to the devs!

There is an issue though with a new feature that has a bad impact on the workflow:
When you drag the cursor from the top menu bar outside the window, the windows scrolls right or left following the cursor. However if you hold Shift-Alt and click left with your mouse to move the cursor it doesn’t scroll automatically when it goes outside the window :frowning:

Rec 0003_8.gif

Yes it is ok to install the last one directly!

is strange, but this should be Ableton Issue…

Extremely weary of applying this update. 9.5.3 refused to open my old projects. I think Cubase is getting like Mac OS (just don’t bother…you’ll regret it)

it was supposed to be fixed the issue loading chain? …

ok Still not working…


Could you please share the dump file located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps?


Share the crash dump file, please.


Please, share the *.crash file located in macOS Utility Console > User Reports.

Hi folks!
Seems that everething is working good…
Loading fx chain is fixed for me.
For sake of good order :slight_smile:

Load Strip preset - not working anymore

open preset list, double click - nothing

someone confirm ?

Ok, for those like me having the same issue of fx chain/save/load in this new version, and after few tests… I discovered a solution, you should RE- save the projects than was saved on 9.5.3 in to 9.5.4, close, open and then RE save the fx chains…In this way it will load, otherwise it won’t work.

BUT it works sometimes, not always … :imp:

I’m on Windows 7 pro, and have been able to download and install all previous updates,… however, this one finishes downloading and I get a message that my computer “can’t open this type of file”.

Any ideas why this is happening? I have high hopes that the mixconsole update will fix my problem of NOT being able to see the “hardware” tab within the mixconsole. I have it under the pulldown menu from the “studio” tab, but since it’s not available from within the mixconsole, I CANNOT use reverb on the input while tracking vocals.


Still can’t change tempo of the project without the audio editor window minimising (in seperate window mode). This completely kills my workflow. I don’t even know if there is a solution other than to use the lower zone audio editor which is no way near as clinical.

The lag when dragging zoomed in audio parts is also making precise editing impossible.

0.20 here. Please address this my other post was ignored

The laggy GUI remains…
Also, the freezes on closing big projects are still there

Yes, I can confirm this.