Cubase 9.5.40 update available

+1 to that.

Extremely disappointing ‘update’. I don’t need to diagnose issues each and every time an update is offered - I just want to make music!!


Here is my crash dump file
Cubase 64bit 2018.10.18 (272 KB)

Update installed & working well. Can’t confirm the record > crash thing mentioned above. Haven’t done much tricky actions since the update, so far I haven’t recognized a difference apart from new file format options.

why always after updating ,some things are fixed and some damage that always worked…
what they do and who works for them as developers. Steinberg …What is this?? whether you have answers or you do not care?

Mine FX Chain works but Stripe Presets - nothing’s happening.

What do you mean FX Chain works ? Are you experiencing same as in the video i posted or can you load fx presets? I did a clean install of 9.5 after upgrading from 8.5 6 weeks ago. It’s never worked since the upgrade. In total limbo waiting for this fix.


It’s just one thing after another :blush: :blush: :blush:

Oh dear!!! I think i’ll sit this one out for a while.

I mean I can load FX presets, but Stripe presets not.

I had to dowgrade back to 9.5.30. Im getting crackles during playback with my ur22 mkII and channel strip presets aren loading.

This ones (9.5.40) a lemon and it took since may to get it :angry: (9.5.30 has sticky pan handles but still better than crackling)

Something really has to be done with QA and beta testing because this is ridiculous. :open_mouth:

this is worst update ever !!! do not update !

I wonder what kind of testing steinberg does before release?

Is this “special” update with bugs to force us buying cubase 10? :smiley: just kidding

But, seriously, this update gives more bugs then fixed

I have after translating 9,5,40 audio files in the conductor do not work correctly, does not work synchronization with the project, I want to return to 9,5,30 where to download?

I think what you are showing in the image,
looks like, that this project didn’t get saved correctly.
The time you save it, Cubase crash for some reason.
Please check the file size of this file and compare it with a previous save of the same project (different file),
I think you will see that has much less size in MB.
If yes, that will confirm that the xml (save) file,
at the time you save it, didn’t complete the save procedure correctly.

Confirmed, Strip Presets Fail to Load…
(with Inserts,Eq’s etc, works as expected)


The same here on Mac 10.13.6 :frowning:

Here is how looks like when you want to record something with this update