Cubase 9.5.41 No longer charge my Komplete Kontrol Channel

Hi everyone,

I’ve been away from my Music PC for 2/3 months and when I got back, I updated Cubase and a bunch of NI programs. But Since then, in all my Cubase project, new or old, all the Komplete Kontrol channels are empty…the plugin assigned to the channel is no longer present in Komplete Kontrol and when I want to load a new one, I’ve got a message saying that I need to start Komplete Kontrol in Standalone mode because the plugin is not found.
The problem is the same wether I use Midi channels or Instrument Channels.

All the audio channels and Steinberg plugins (Prologue etc.) are working.

When I start KK in Standalone mode, all is working perfectly.

Any idea of what I’m supposed to do ? I really need help, all my work in progress is lost if I can’t load my KK instruments…I need my music back…