Cubase 9.5.41 - Recording and Rendering is OUT OF SYNC

Hi all,

Please can someone be as kind as to provide support for the following issue -

When I record the ‘Stereo Out’ channel, the waveform is out of sync with the project. I thought perhaps it was just an issue when recording internally, but the same happens when also I file > export audio! It’s really making it impossible to work on the project when channels recording and exporting, are out of time within the bars and beats.

Does anyone know why this could be happening with this project? The same thing happens regardless of the audio driver I switch to.

Here’s also a video of the issue:

Any help here would be much appreciated, I have to finish this track in time for NYE :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

As I can see, you zoomed in a lot. Your ruler is set to the Seconds, sou you can see second 155, 155.2, etc.

This behaviour is correct. All DAWs work like this. It’s related to the way how the whole system works, and to the Buffer Size. Please read some articles about it to get more info.

For such a reply alone we should all switch away from Cubase. Guys, don’t let him answer so many forum posts if he can’t be helpful.


This is true for any DAW, not Cubase only. So better to switch away from DAW to analog recorder.

And it’s also true, there is some theory you should learn, if you want to know something and understand, how is DAW working. I don’t know any exact link I could share, because I learned this many many years ago. But I expect you can use a Google, so you can search for it. Now, if you know, what to search for.

And I don’t stop you to explain the topic more, if you want to.

I have the exact same problem when I’m export audio from my master output when I want to do a wav-file from my synths. It start off a little to early when it’s inserted by the program.
Anyone know a soution for this?


Hi and welcome,

How much early is it? In this case, there could be one more issue involved: an USB > MIDI jitter. Again, I cannot recommend more, then read something about the MIDI Jitter. And this Solving MIDI Timing Problems on Windows article is also interesting.