Cubase 9.5.41 update available

Update to 9.5.41 went without a hitch.


Do I need to update with 9.5.40 before 9.5.41 ?

No. Just the 9.5.41 update will bring you the latest improvements.

The latest update 9.5.41 is running smoothly,seems a lot quicker,or is that my imagination,he,he…

No problems so far.Thank you.

Thank you, for not fixing the critical bug again with a track selection that impacts the workflow and damage projects.

but who need those bug fixes when we finally have this highly anticipated feature of 64bit floating point file export… :frowning:

What does the person need to do for you to fix that? Burn himself in front of your office? :smiley:

Thanks Steiny it’s really is nice to know that you are trying to do better .I must say I could not do the job of updating Cubase for fear of a backlash from the customers of Cubase even though you are trying to improve the program for us , thanks again .

Regards British

Thanks Steiny for being willing to access the process for these updates. Admirable.

Call me sensitive, but that remark upset me. Perhaps you need to realise that your sense of humour isn’t everyone’s, especially if they have suffered personal tragedy. You could have expressed your frustration differently.

I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry.
But this is the internet, man, and this is the forum where many upset and angry guys come to complain. You should be prepared to see all sorts of comments here and not to take everything so personal.

Just for all of you testing: 64bitFloat was mostly affected by issues…see drag Midi to Sample Track. So I’d not yet give green 100%…

Thank you. You have restored my faith in Steinberg products, especially Cubase​:sunglasses::blush:

Update went smoothly here although AA’s Nebula4 VST3 still doesn’t show up (it was fine in C 9.5.35) at all although N4 VST2 is fine and I get by with that, no big deal really.
Both versions do show up in WaveLab 9.5.35.

Thanks, Steiny!

Thanks for that Detch. Just struck a close nerve.
I hope the issue gets cleared up for you on the next release.

This update breaks Maschine and Komplete Kontrol.
Don’t install if you use either, stay on 9.5.30 until they sort it out.

Using both with 9.5.41. No problems so far. Everything works as it should

What happens? Are you running the latest Mashine software?

It won’t install for me - I get ‘another installation is in progress’ error message and there is no other installation in progress!

Any thoughts?

Assuming you are on a Windows computer, restart and then run the update as an Administrator (right click the file and choose that option). Does that help?