Cubase 9.5.50 Media Service Component is Missing

Hi all,

I have been using Cubase for about 3 years now and after upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, I have noticed multiple issues with Cubase Pro 9.5 and now Cubase Pro 9.5.50 When I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, I didn’t think anything of it, but at the time I was running Cubase Pro 9.5 and it started creating shadows on all my guitar recording plug-ins (I only have the stock Cubase ones) and they would bug visually bug out and everything became a visual nightmare and unusable. I also experienced a problem where during playback and unfortunately, recording too, where Cubase would skip. It would stop playing audio for a split second and then it would play again no issues until it would skip again. A fresh reinstall was recommended and still no luck, so I thought upgrading to Cubase Pro 9.5.50 would be the fix, and boy, was I completely wrong. I have done a fresh reinstall of Cubase Pro 9.5.50 4 times over the past week, I tried changing which drive it was installed to on my computer, cleaning out my computer’s registry every time I uninstalled Cubase and all related programs and such, and I keep getting the same error message every time I do a fresh reinstall of Cubase. “Media service component is missing.” This error is literally making Cubase not be able to recognize my ASIO drivers and my Focusrite drivers. I have tried to reinstall both my ASIO drivers and my Focusrite drivers to see if that would work and still no luck, and it’s even more frustrating because the computer recognizes my Focusrite and ASIO drivers just fine and they work flawlessly. The technical support people I spoke to at Steinberg support recommended I do a fresh reinstall of Cubase and no other solutions were given. I have looked everywhere to try to find a solution and they don’t work because the people that found the solution were running an older version of Cubase Pro 9.5 (Cubase 9.5.3, I believe)

Please help!!!

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Make sure, your graphic card is sorted by Windows 10 and Cubase 9.5, please. What graphic card do you have?

I would recommend to reinstall Cubase from the Full Installer. Make sure, you install Cubase as administrator, please.

Reinstall the Focusrite driver also as administrator, please. And then increase your Audio Device Buffer Size to avoid the drop outs.

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Will try that. Thank you very much. Any word on how to do this?


Right-click the installer file, and choose the Run as Administrator option.

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Thank you very much! :smiley: