Cubase 9.5 - A Couple Of Questions PLEASE

1- Can anyone please tell me where the “tape machine style” recording preference is now? I don’t see it anywhere since I’ve upgraded to 9.5.

2- Has anyone else had a problem with the “import audio cd” function. It was working fine and now it’s not!? It’s not my cd burner/player as Windows Media see’s the cd just fine. When I make the “import audio cd” selection in Cubase, the window comes up, but it doesn’t “see” the tracks available.

And speaking of Windows Media. I’m on Windows 7 and even though I’ve selected the Steinberg/Yamaha interface (MR816) under the “speakers” preference in Windows Media, it doesn’t play out of my studio monitors. Any ideas?


You need to select the Yamaha/Steinberg ASIO driver in the “Device Setup…” panel in Cubase.

I already have that selected. The MR816 and Cubase work fine… I just can’t get any sound when using windows media on my studio pc.

Sorry. I didn’t realize you were talking about Windows Media Player. You aren’t trying to play WMP while Cubase is open are you?

At the time I was, since Cubase “import audio cd” isn’t working. I have since tried to play Windows Media and still get no sound through my studio speakers.

Cubase and other applications can take exclusive control of the hardware, if allowed to do so in the configuration options. There is an option in the “Device Setup…” ASIO Control Area that has Cubase “release” the driver when it is in the background. I think there is also an option in the Windows Sound Setup that allows applications to take exclusive control of the hardware. Beyond that, I can’t think of any other thing to try.

I’ll go back and check those two area, thanks!