Cubase 9.5 & akai mpd218 - negative latency

Hello all,

Cubase Artist 9.5 PC.

Buffer 256.
Mode: low latency.
Delay compensation on.
ASIO guard on (normal).
Direct monitoring on.
System timestamp for Windows midi checked.

Using any VST instrument and the AKAI MPD218 as the controller, pad hits are recorded approximately 1/6th note too early. They sound in time during recording, but when record is stopped and the notes appear, they are and playback too early.

Using my master controller keyboard (Roland XV88) notes are right on the money, again with any VST instrument.

I have tried changing most available config options within Cubase with no change.

Hoping someone can provide some insight.

Many thanks,



Is this your case?

Thank you, Martin. I will dig into this detailed article. Fingers crossed.

Hello again,

Suggestions in article attempted with no resolution.

The article is from 2007, so there may have been some developments since then.

I performed another test in a new blank project. Just to recap my setup, I have devices connected to the MIDEX8 via standard 5-pin. The timing on these devices is all rock solid. I also have some devices connected via USB, including the AKAI MPD218, which is the problematic controller first noticed. I also have a KORG MINILOGUE XD connected via USB. With a single VST instrument track created, and using the MINILOGUE as a controller for the VST instrument, the same behavior that the MPD218 exhibits occurs - notes recorded early.

So it appears that USB MIDI information, although heard during recording in time, once recording is stopped, register the recorded notes too early.

So there seems to be some kind of compensation for (expected) latency being applied to MIDI notes received via USB.

Hoping that this new information may help to locate an adjustable parameter towards decompensating (?) for this.

Open to any and all suggestions.