Cubase 9.5 and 10 not working

I’ve about had it with Cubase. Every time I buy something new there’s always an issue.

So, the RECENT issue is that I bought a new laptop. I tried to move 9.5 over and it wouldn’t work. The closest I got was I managed to get it to accept my elicenser key but claimed that the elicenser center was too old (I had just downloaded the newest version). Then, when I managed to figure out the new code, it claimed that it “couldn’t be upgraded” and wouldn’t let me even put the activation code in saying it wasn’t eligible for upgrade despite me not even asking for one.

So what do I do? I buy cubase 10 hoping that it would allow things to work. Not only did my vsts, jbridge, and 9.5 tracks not transfer, but there is absolutely no volume coming from cubase and when I try to change the sound driver, all it says is “no drivers”. I want cubase to just work well for once. Can anyone help me?