Cubase 9.5 and Kontakt 5 MIDI playback seems stuck

Hi guys,
Happy New! :smiley:
Your help please.

I’m currently using Kontakt 5.8 (which is the latest version) as a VSTi in Cubase Pro 10. However, I went back to Cubase Pro 9.5 and it happens there too. This is why I find it a little strange as I’m sure I have not had this particular issue before. :confused: I’m sure I would have noticed :confused: :wink:
I have posted in the C10 forum as well but I hope to get some other insight from here too.

My issue:
Some MIDI notes do not seem to turn off during playback and so either build up and up… or if the notes are at the last part of a piece, do not turn off until playback it stopped. However, if I play manually there doesn’t seem to be a problem. :confused:


  1. I load my Kontakt 5 VSTi and select my synth from my library
  2. Select my input routing in the Inspector which is Komplete Kontrol
  3. Turn on the Monitor
  4. I play a few notes on my controller to ensure connectivity
  5. I hear audio

So far so good :sunglasses:

I record a simple melody MIDI track
When I playback the notes sound but some do not turn off!

I don’t remember this happening before, that’s why I went back to C9.5 to check. :confused:

Is this a MIDI configuration issue? If so what can I do to check that my setup is okay?

Any one else experienced this? What am I missing?

Thanks for reading