Cubase 9.5 and M-Audio Code 61 issues

I set up everything according to the M-Audio instructions but I’ve been trying to figure out how to control the Input Channels(from my interface)on Cubase with Code 61, so far I can control the Output Channels but not Input channels, using Machui mode, What I’m missing???


Mackie mode skips the Input Channels.

Any other way to control them?


Via Generic Remote Control. But you can use Mackie Control and Generic Remote Control for the same hardware (MIDI Port) at the same time.

Any hints on how?

I mean I know how to add a new Generic Remote, not sure how to assign the inputs to Code 61

In the lower part. Please read the manual.

Code 61 or Cubase or both?

Cubase in this case.

Better both, of course. :wink: