Cubase 9.5 and Novation Automap

Just installed Cubase 9.5. Now in the Remote peripheral i can not add “novation Automap” while in cubase 9 (i’ve two version istalled at moment) Novation was present in the list. I can’t configure Automap. Any ideas? my midi key and controller is NOVATION 49SL MKII. I can use as standard controller but not as AUTOMAP. Moreover Automap 10 was not developed for CUBASE 9, but it works. No way in Cubase 9.5. Someone got the same controller and the same issue?
Thank you all

Hi and welcome,

Current Automap version is not compatible with Cubase 9 or 9.5. Ask Novation to make it compatible, please.

I have no issues with Automap 4.10 on Cubase 9. Make sure the Automap dll’s are present in the Cubase x Components folder

This is official Novation article.

There is a beta of Automap supporting Cubase 9:
Don’t know whether it works with 9.5 though (haven’t installed Automap yet).

just did that (copied dll from 9 to 9.5 components folder) and now works while we’re waiting for the next automap update.
Thank you all. You’re awsome guys!!

Any work around for Mac users?

If it’s in the Components folder on the same level as the Cubase.exe file is on Windows, then on Mac, it’s also under Applications > right-click to the Cubase, and select Show Package Content. Then open Contents folder, then Components folder. It should be here.

So 9. seems to be supported now, excellent present. How is the feedback from any users on it’s functionality? Thinking of getting Sl remote again now.

edit: it says 9, not 9.5 though. Wonder will the 9.5 have some compatibility probs then?

Downloaded the latest Novation beta (4.4.11b1, previously running 4.4.11) and it doesn’t work with Artist 9.5 - which is to say that the keyboard works, but none of the other controllers work - levels, transport etc. I am at a loss to understand why this should be as surely the controller just maps key commands which remain unaltered. Worse is that automapped instruments don’t respond either and neither does the learn function. As for Reaper, the latest version doesn’t link to it at all, so I’m going back to 4.4.10 or 4.4.11 until there is some more news.

I now have automap working with 9.5 Artist and my Impulse 61. I uninstalled the two latest versions and then reinstalled 4.4.9. The without uninstalling 4.9 I installed 4.4.11 on top of it. Remapped Cubase 9.5 and Reaper 5.78 and now they both work - Cubase fully, but in Reaper the FF and RW transport controls are inoperative. I’m guessing something got accidentally left out of the 4.4.10 and 4.4.11 releases or maybe the templates were damaged somehow. Anyway, now a happy bunny. :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention - in automap you need to choose software setup > advanced > and uncheck ‘enable HUI’ to use it with Cubase. Recheck it to use with Reaper or anything else that uses HUI.

Thanks for posting. Some time back, I was using MIDI-ox to diagnose Novation problems and discovered that the transport was using SysEx messages, or something like that. I’d also found that Cubase was screening out messages it didn’t understand, if you believe the MIDI monitor insert. I figure that automap must somehow map the hardware transport controls to the software transport controls. I was able to do some of that without automap, but the transport controls were never as good as with automap. I’m still using 4.10 because I want to let sleeping dogs lie. I used to tell it Cubase 9 was Cubase 8, and it would work. (Maybe I’m still doing that? It’s been a while.)