Cubase 9.5 and Reason 9.5 Rewire problem

Hi - Both of these programs run fine on my MacBook Pro with High Sierra.

However when I open Studio/Reason Rewire get a dialogue stating “Cannot Use Reason. Close Reason and Try Again”
I did and still no luck. I understand the order in which the applications need to be opened and have used these two programs for many years together.

I’ve googled and reached the forum but I can’t seem to find any info
Is there something I’m missing? Thanks

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, both applications are running in 64-bit mode, please.

Yes. Thank you. Both are running in 64 bit mode. I Can’t seem to find anything on the specific error message from Cubase as stated above.


Arghh… Sorry to waste your time. I flashed my firmware and installed new drivers for my interface. All works fine.

Silly mistake. Too many things to remember.