Cubase 9.5 and UR22 MKII - MIDI mapping problem


I wasn’t sure if I should post this in here or the section for Cubase.
I have an Arturia keyboard that is having issues connecting to it’s MIDI control center via the USB cable and this obviously stops it from MIDI in Cubase.
This has been working fine for over a year and there have been no hardware of software changes made the PC I use as my DAW.
To eliminate the USB as a potential issue I decided to connect the keyboard directly to the UR22 via a MIDI cable.
However, when I open cubase and go to MIDI port set up, there are none available.
I’m would have thought there would be ports there refering to the UR22.
As far as I am awared the Keyboard can be used as a bulk standard MIDI keyboard as it has a MIDI out socket.
I am using a 5v power adapater to give the keyboard power as the USB cable is unplugged.
Something is irking me and I have a funny feeling that I need some sort of MIDI interface device between the the Keyboard and the UR22?