Cubase 9.5 and UR824 Problem

I recently bought a UR824 because of the “Direct Monitoring” option.
I’m not able to hear any direct monitoring in the Cue Mix i’ve prepared from the headphones of the singer in the Recording Room (Cue1)
I only hear the voice coming from the Mic through the studio monitors of my Control Room (Main Mix)
Also, Talkback input not working!

Any suggestion?

I’m on PC, Windows 7, Cubase Pro 9.5, Steinberg UR824, Cubase IC Pro on IPad

Just to double-check:

  1. Is Direct Monitoring enabled in Studio Setup?
  2. Do you have Record Enable set on tracks?
  3. Verified that all of your routes are configured correctly in hardware setup / control room?
  1. Direct Monitoring Enabled
  2. Record Enable set on track
  3. Seems everything is routed correctly, this is the complicated part !!

thanks anyway, i’m still trying

You can hear the voice through the “record enabled-Track” only if the Direct Monitoring is disabled (Obviously with Latency)

I was using an ADAT output for the Cue Out send, wich does not work with the Dirct Monitoring !!
Using Analog Out 7/8 everythign workd fine.
Still have problems with the Talkback Input