Cubase 9.5 and Wavelab LE 9 can't run together


I have this persisting issue for half a year now, trying to contact Steinberg without success and my local dealer (Bulgaria) couldn’t help me either.

So i have cubase 9.5 licence on a usb stick and wavelab LE 9 on the soft-licencer, and wavelab won’t start if cubase is running! Attached pic shows the message “why”. I tried running elicenser as admin, cubase as admin and wavelab, i reset my soft-elicense and got a new one and the problem persists! Can’t do an OS reinstallation as numerous projects are going on atm, and also can’t move wavelab licence on the stick as i need it also on the road as a wave editor for ableton without worrying to lost my usb stick at gigs etc. Wavelab works just fine alongside ableton, FL studio etc. so nothing to do with soundcard. Even more strange, if elicencer is running and cubase is not, wavelab still can’t start! Only way is to close elicencer.

I need badly the drag and drop function to cubase.
Any one had similar problem? I am on win 10 anniversary update.

I could perhaps buy an upgrade for wavelab elements as its not pricey but i fear that will not resolve my issue, and without means to contact steinberg directly that seems pointless (on the mysteinberg page support always direct me to my local dealer, no way to write a support ticket, probably a geographical problem).


Do you have the latest eLCC version installed? Are both of your eLicensers registered?

I would recommend to run eLCC as administrator and trigger Maintenance (you said, you ran eLCC as administrator, did you trigger Maintenance)?

I would guess, this is a permission issue.

Is any crashlog created, when this happen?