Cubase 9.5 Application not responding

After installing Cubase 9.5 on my macbook pro mid2012 i5 2,5 ghz 8 gb ram, first start and program stops on: “Initialising scanning VST3 plug-ins…”
What to do?

I got that my first try and I had to reinstall the eLicenser Center this way.

  1. Uninstall eLicenser Center
  2. Remove Dongle
  3. Restart computer
  4. Install again eLicenser Center and follow instructions.

That got me further but still can’t use it though since it hangs for me within 60 seconds, unless it stops on some other part of the Initialising, like Euconadapter.dll or with just no explanation. I’m on day 16 now with no response from support and quite frankly growing a really bad attitude from this. But, I hope you have better luck.