Cubase 9.5 Artist and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Hey everyone,

I recently purchased Cubase 9.5 Artist and MacBook Air and am trying to use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 I’ve had now for a while. The problem is that my Mac recognizes the Scarlett (Garage Band even allows me to use it as an input on startup) but Cubase cannot find it anywhere. I can produce sounds with the Scarlett through my computer itself, but again, nothing through Cubase. I looked up some tutorials but they’re all for older versions of Cubase and are referencing dated menus that no longer exist. Hopefully I posted correctly and can get some help!


And have you also looked up the Cubase manual, and it still doesn’ t work, or is the purpose of your post asking someone here to do this for you?

Yes, as svennilenni says, have you been through the Cubase Manual? It explains it pretty clearly. If you have and still no luck then we’ll need some more information as to what’s not happening against what the manual says?

This guide here looks pretty straightforward too, The Devices Menu is now Studio but otherwise should be right:

Yes I’ve looked at this guide but my Cubase does not have a Devices tab.

It’s now the Studio tab as I already said.

And as outlined in the manual.

Okay got it. I understand that this might be a trivial problem and in the manual, but in the future it would’ve saved someone who’s new to setting up a home studio a lot of frustration if one of you had simply told me it was Studio > Studio Set Up since it is no longer even close to what the tutorial link says.

…and your solution was? Might be useful for future users with the same issue if you outline what you did.

That’s what they did, in post 3 above.