Cubase 9.5 Artist - Final Audio mix down

OS: Window 10, 64-bit
Presonus Auto Interface Studio 1810 USB
Dell Laptop, I-7 Processor, 12 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD Drive.
Misx Down to MP3 or WAV.
15 secs audio clip recording of Yamaha Montage 6 (44.1khz, default settings)

I have no complaints with the DAW when I mix and play them directly from the sequencer. In fact the volume is way too high and I have to literally bring them down, however when do a final mix down of the finally rendered audio, the volume is too low compared to the other MP3 or WAVE files.

  • I try to ensure all the mix levels are brought back to 0 db before final mix down. If I played on 0 db over a headphones, I’d lose my hearing, its that loud on DAW VSTs (Halion Sonic).

  • I have Mackie 1202 VLZ4 mixer. Tried directly hooking up with the audio interface and used Montage internal audio interface, Same results.

  • Checked the Windows sound mixer and the volume knobs. Checked Windows sounds settings as explained in the many forums, same results.

  • Tried eliminating each gear one by one to see and kept the recording process very simple. Did mix down same results.

I tried to increase the gain levels of the audio interface but only the audio in the final mix down bumps up, not the final mix down

I’m not seeing any issues with audio recording clips in the DAW. I’m having issues only with the final mix down of the audio. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

To get the same result as other commercial musicians/bands, you would need to make a great mix and to have an expensive plug-ins or hardware to be able to achieve.

Luckily, there is a Volume control at every player.