Cubase 9.5 Artists under Win7 NO TEXTS


I’ve just upgraded Cubase Artist from 9 to 9.5 and got quite huge supprice.
I don’t see any text! Nowhere. In 9.x all was working ok.

Check the attached picture:

Do anyone have any idea why may I don’t see any text?

introne, have you fully updated your Windows 7 OS?

If not, you might try that and report back if it helps.

Yes, my Win 7 has the latests available updates, though since some time only security updates are coming in.

Maby it’s important, but (iirc) since version 7 the Steinberg Hub screen has this issue to me. Now the whole app (incl. preferences etc.).

I have exactly the same problem! Win 7 and Cubase 9.5 today installed. I tried reinstalling, updating windows components, and nothing works.

Still no idea? I’ll attach print screen:

Ok, the issue was very funny. Solved it now for Cubase and Steinberg Hub.
You could call this as “user error”, but not exactly, because as the below.

Long long time ago I have removed “Segoe UI” font from my Win7 and set up all needed substitution registries.
It seems that Cubase having problems with font substitutions was simply loosing all the texts.
It looks like Cubase tries to read Segoe UI directly from file, but if no file, no texts.

All in all, fortunately (!!!), it was enough to put “Segoe UI” font only into the “Fonts” folder in the Cubase installation folder
(so that I still don’t need to see this font in my Win7). Hello Cubase, there is “font substitutions” feature in Windows. :slight_smile:

It works. You are great! I forgot that I also deleted the Segoe UI because it looked horrible in Windows.