Cubase 9.5 Asio Driver Settings

Hello Users,

I have a question or solution for Midi Timing While playing recording for cubase.
For the record i use a Soundblaster ZXr soundcard internal in the pc.
I found on the net that with a track at 120 BPM, a 16th note is 125ms long.
A 64th note is 31,25 ms long. To be in bits and bytes i said a 16th note is 128ms (128 is a good digital number).
So a 64th note would be 32. A 256th note would be 8.
So i set the buffrer of the Asio Driver to 8ms.
This would give an almost near exact recording for midi, a 120 BPM track needs 8ms Asio Buffer or under <8ms.
I used to have the Asio Driver on 5ms so i gained some processortime without losing midi timing.
In fact i think the midi timing got more accurate with 8ms.

(5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc.)
This does not sync very well at 120bpm / what is 256th note resoltion at least 8ms (8,16,32,64,128 etc).
This means at 5ms Asio Buffer the midi and audio will be slichtly out of sync by a max of 3ms!

(8ms) I mean by these calculations midi is more in sync each buffer for Asio with a 8ms buffer syncrate, so the Audio of VSTi is playing at an exact timing with midi (as fast and as smooth as can be).

Am i Wrong or Right ?


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Quite good comments! (Wrong)

Well, you did ask.

If somebody ask’s, you could reply normally. And have an answer like with more lines that explain your answer…

Which driver are you using ? Also i’m not sure what you’re trying to acheive as Cubase ASIO does most of the sync for you.
Do you have a problem with syncing you r tracks ?

It’s wrong because note lengths have noting to do with Asio latency time. ‘Round trip’ (input/output) latency is the time it takes to trigger a command (note on) until the sound is actually played at the audio output. Any note will start playing after the given latency time has passed regardless if it’s a 128th or a whole note. So it has absolutely nothing to do with relative timing and lengths between notes.

The time the computer can create asio buffer is in ms, that means for audio to output and contain midi to audio is 8 ms when i set asio buffer to 8ms.
So midi and audio timing is important, anyway. For me this works out quite well, i never knew that good asio setting, not at 8ms, my midi is exacly aligned also when transfered to audio. And midi recording improved in such a way that is steady and does not feel drifted. I also now have no compensation or 0. So it works out for me and theory is good. Execpt that nobody knows how fast the midi driver is… (8ms?)