Cubase 9.5 audio export


I have a few projects that I am trying to export.

Previously they only took a few minutes, but now when I try to export it is estimated as taking two hours plus.

I’ve changed the audio engine back to 32bit but there is no difference.

Any ideas?



I also notice a terrible latency (4 seconds) between starting playback and hearing audio.

Strangely the system doesn’t lag - its only the audio that lags.

(I am using UR44).

I should also say I am using a Mac (haven’t updated to the latest OS yet.)

I’ve since discovered whatever it is - it is now affecting Cubase 9.0.X as well.

I tried removing all instruments and plugins but the problem remains…

Any ideas?



I tried changing the selected audio driver from the Steinberg UR44 driver to the internal Apple USB driver.

I could export the audio as usual.

Whats happening?