Cubase 9.5 Bugging you?

Any body got it working yet on Windows 10 64bit? It seems the worst case of “let the buyers pay and suss out the bugs as beta testers” yet. Never seen so much “issues” (???) posted after a release, “logic(al)” of course, instead of being paid for bug hunting by Steinberg it is the other way around LoL. … For me i’ll wait 'till at least two updates are released. C 9’s release had IMO less bugs when it came out, and seems quite stable now …

BTW i think most bugs seen posted here are GUI and graphics related. I’d like to see a Steinberg sticky on the Windows and graphic-card updates or tips needed to run 9.5, or maybe some tool one can use to check these matters. F.i. i recently had an annoying general USB (weird enough) bug, and it was gone after long searches on the why. Some tip i got was about installing the latest Radeon R7 series barebone non-gamers divers. Bye Bye Bug. - F

A tip i read here:

Same problems) I had a hard time working today at 9.5, a lot of bugs, brakes and crashes. Even simple channel strip does not work correctly. Fab filter hang projects. Therefore while I use 9, it at least is stable.

Back to 9.0.3 also. I just started using Cubase Elements mid-october so I had a free update to 9.5 but it’s really unstable. Just opened the project I was working on last night and this morning there’s only one track and it doesn’t play. Quite frightening. It might be that I teted some new functions that doesn’t work right(midi region droping to the sampler zone crashing the app), zooming is a little messed up(due I think because of the Adapt to Zoom function)…

Anyway, not saying this to be a troll or anything but in 20 years of using Logic I never had so much problems. Now, 9.0.3 is working quite well so that’s the version I started with a month ago and it gave me quite a good feeling about Cubase. Powerful little program considering Elements is the entry level stuff. I guess I’ll revisit 9.5 after a couple of bugfix releases…


I had the impression that Cubase is the most stable DAW until I updated to 9.5! hahaha…

1.Quantize a mess, grid not redrawing in key and drum editor.
2. Preferences: User interface - Custom colours - Focus Colour totally messed up not working correctly. Same thing with Mixconsole fader Colours.
3. No matter what I do can’t find my purchased and promised Flux synth for Halionsonic.

Bought 9.5 but in order to have some peace of mind and not to cuss a lot, I guess I’ll be working with Cubase 9 and pray HARD that the Cubase guys will note these issues and try to address them promptly.

With C9.5 it crashes 80% of the time and some softsynths behave crazy

Drum editor not redrawing grid is HUGE workflow detriment. Back to 9 until I can edit drums in the drum editor. Just wanted to add a plus one on that.

so far I haven’t managed to get Cubase stable for longer than 30 minutes. It even crashes while I’m playing the supplied pluggins.

Loopmash became sluggish and froze the system, Sampler froze while giving continuous noise while playing with the loop points, this happened a couple of times, changing effects or instruments sometimes hangs the system, 64 bit mode recording just isn’t working for me with my main soundcard.

I’ve used Cubase since VST, and now I’m currently downloading demos of other DAWs as I’m considering giving up on Steinbergs 1 step forward 2 steps backwards approach to updates and selling up to go elsewhere.

Gone back to 9 for the time being.

Oh dear… I’ve been using cubase since… well you should know, new release always has bugs, some quite silly ones that will be fixed very soon. Others, major show stoppers for a few, will last longer and no doubt a major pain for the programmers trying to fix it or come up with ways round it, like 32 bit stability in 64, when the plugins them selves are to blame… ditch it. Or midi timing accuracy unintended swing but non of us are using a decent clock.

Install 9.5 to see what’s new, supporting the development of your favourite DAW, see what works, what doesn’t, report back. If working on an important project for a client, do it in your tested stable version. Cubase doesn’t over write your old install for a reason, leave it on.

9.5 has been a dream, a few obvious issues but no crashes. People were saying they don’t listen and all i can say is they clearly have listened. Everything people have been making the most noise over was delivered. Personally I believe we’d of seen a lot of these in 9 but due to needing a brand new video engine, things got held back.

I firmly believe that there is no DAW better than Cubase. A few contenders before 9.5 getting close, 1 feature here and there but still Cubase offered more completeness across the board. Now with 9.5, it’s way back in the lead.

i7 X980, Win7 64 with 32GB RAM, new project, 1 vst instrument, 331 empty midi tracks.
I disable one empty midi track, 9.5 crashes instantly.

When they change the font size so I can actually see which fabfilter (for example) plugin is which I will agree with you.

Aren’t there discussion threads in the “general” forum for praising or slagging?

Isn’t this subforum supposed to be specifically for reporting suspected bugs, with prescribed criteria for doing such?

And does this thread not completely fail on each and every level here?

Sure, if the product is not meeting your expectations, go gripe… but this is not the subforum to do it in, so far as I can tell.


I have huge problems too. Bad thing is, last time Steinberg Support let me wait for over 4 months before I got any reply (and not even a solution) on problems I had with version 9.

I am a Cubase user since the 1980’s but since Yamaha took over things got really bad.

Really bad! Not as bad as Gibsons taking over Sonar. Now eat your vegetables and be thankful you’ve got food.

I think I found major problem with Cubase 9.5 - compability and optimization with video cards… I had the same situasion - crash every time at startup or after opening the progect. Tried on win 10 fully updated. The problem was in compability of Cubase 9.5 with my video card (in my case it is Geforce 520 M). Then I tried to open with integrated video card on my laptop… Everything well.

Yes mum!

After upgrading to Cubase 9.5 from 9.0.30 (that worked perfectly on my system), I almost immediately regretted to have so hastily paid for the upgrade.
I now realize that I should have waited for Cubase 9.5 trial.

On a new project in 9.5 (replicating configuration & settings that worked well on a 9.0.30 project), the following issues occurred:

(1) Hanging MIDI notes (as posted on a prev. topic)
(2) Audio stopped after a few bars - silence - no further MIDI recording on a VST Instrument track was possible
(3) I then tried to change VST Instrument - auditioning new instrument through HSSe was OK - but when tried to record on it (using my MIDI keyboard) resulted in no sound & no MIDI lines
(4) Afterwards I opened a prev. version (9.0.30) project in 9.5 & it was playing back OK, but could not add (or continue) recording on the same instrument track that I had just played back fine.

After several attempts & applying several of the posted suggestions - such as starting Cubase 9.5 in safe mode & deleting prev. preferences - I had to uninstall 9.5 & re-install 9.0.30 (which I had to uninstall because 9.5 was interfering with its running).

Now I can only wait for the next update hoping that it effectively fix all the bugs that have been reported so far from all other users & we can go back using Cubase 9.5 which, in my case, I have already paid for.

I also wish we can have some credit back (i.e., accrued to our accounts) from Steinberg when we pay for an Upgrade that does not work as expected/promised (but have purchased) & we are forced to go on prev. version if we want to continue working with that Steinberg product.

In the meantime, happy musicmaking & best wishes to all for the coming Festive Seasons

Not nearly as bad as 7 when it first came out!

9.5 has been pretty unusable on my set up. Truncated inserts in the mixer, bsod means I’m going back to 9.0.3. Or SO3.

If you got a BSoD the problem is likely elsewhere. Make sure that both Windows and your drivers are updated. If you’re on Windows 10, try reinstalling the drivers for your audio/MIDI devices and eLicenser.