Cubase 9.5 Crashes when navigating for files: Workaround FIX

I’m surprised that Steinberg hasn’t addressed this with a fix.
I feel we shouldn’t have to “hack” the problem out of their software.
I know not everyone experiences this but many of us do and it’s a known issue.

The symptom: After booting Cubase 9.5, and clicking FILE and navigating to a folder, the program severely crashes. It’s a CONT+ALT+DEL moment.
For me, I click FILE and then file manager opens. As soon as I try to change folders; FREEZE CRASH. The program is dead.

The Fix is:
Remove " “hubservice.dll” from the Components folder.
“hubservice.dll” Is a shell that interacts with the web and causes Cubase to crash when calling out to File Manager in Windows 10.

Remove that darn .dll file and cubase is crash free for me and many others. It’s stable… no crashes or buggy behavior. I love it.

So, the question is why is this buggy web-ad service dll stuck in this really cool program?
More: Why don’t they fix it or allow us to turn it off without hacking it out of the components folder?

I know this fix has been posted before, but given the new Windows 10 updates and the Feb 9.5.5 update, I thought I would throw this one out there again in case anyone is experiencing this issue too and needed the work-a-round.


You can turn Hub off in the Preferences > General > Use Hub.